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YHS Tardy Policy
Students are required to be at school on time each day. Students who are habitually tardy miss some of the most important instruction of the day. Teachers frequently set the stage for the learning which is to follow during the first few minutes of the day. Students who come in late miss those essential explanations or the motivating activities that get the class ready to learn. The rest of the class must wait while the teacher repeats these explanations to those students who arrive late.

All students who arrive late to class shall be marked tardy (T) by the teacher. If the student comes to class with a note excusing them from their tardy, the attendance office will change the (T) to an (M) which is an excused tardy. The following conditions apply:

Periods 0-7: Any student who receives five (5) or more tardies in one month will receive a Saturday School on the next available date. Parents will be notified prior to the date of the Saturday School. Saturday School is 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in the library.

Information regarding tardiness is included in the attendance letters and could result in SART or SARB meetings being held. Three tardies greater than 30 minutes equal one truancy. This may affect perfect attendance status for student awards.