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over 3 years ago

reliable sites for ordering and/or printing sheet music
Choral Public Domain Library - classic choral works, everything is free print
comprehensive source for choir and band music
dependable arrangements of the most current pop music with the ability to change the key     to fit your voice range
Blank Sheet Music
Use this free website to create and print your own blank sheet music for scratching out your ideas on paper
G Major Music
Mr. Presler's favorite music theory page! A great resource with aids like "flash cards" you can customize to help you memorize your theory.
Italian Aria Accompaniments
Accompaniments recorded and posted by the good people at Western Carolina University, both low and high
Mr. Young's favorite music theory site. It has easy-to-follow music theory lessons and exercises to advance your skill and understanding
Note Flight
This is a free online music notation program. Create a free account, then start clicking notes onto the score. Has a great playback feature so you can hear what your music will sound like, and you can print off your music looking polished instead of hand-written.

Concert Choir

over 3 years ago

The primary choral group at YHS, Concert Choir is available only to students who have at least one year's experience in a high school music class or that have special director's approval.  The ensemble performs regularly at concerts in Yucaipa, and in festivals throughout Southern California.