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Welcome to AP Art
I am VERY excited to start a new year with the artists at YHS. I have some fun new projects, ideas, and techniques that I can't wait to pass on to you. In our first few days we will be taking a look at the year long class and some of the upcoming topics, mediums, and projects we will be getting into. All supplies for these projects will be covered for free. I would highly encourage you to pick up an artists sketch book of your choice. I will have a limited number of varying styles of sketch books available while supplies last that range in cost from $3-$9. This is in no way required for the class.
Class Description
AP Studio Art is an advanced capstone art class for the YHS artists. This class is a year long class that will be built around the requirements of the AP studio art portfolio that will be developed and submitted near the end of the school year. Since this is an AP class we will be developing AP quality work the entire year to be used within the AP portfolio. The first semester will cover the artists “Breadth” which will include 12 original works of art that show the artists wide range of mastery in multiple fields of 2-D art. 2nd semester will be focused on a “Concentration” made up of 12 original pieces that show a specific and developed mastery of an artistic medium, theme, or style of the student’s choice.